Beet Carts

Eliminate Trucks in the Field, especially during muddy harvest conditions.  Speed up Harvests - available in the 20, 24, 30, 35 ton cart with the scrub boom - in various configurations.

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Click play to see the H & S Beet Cart in action.

We've been busy working on updates to our Beet Cart including (click on pictures to enlarge)

Roller Adjustment

 (arrow shows adjustment on bottom roller).
 Belt Tightener


Various Pictures of our Beet Cart    



Side View 1

Side View 2



Belted Chain


Water Kit Option

Hood on the end of elevator for easier loading.

Front Entrance


Rear Door Access

Tire options - new wider tires 1050/50R32

Tire Options - Duals











Optional scale insures that trucks will not be overloaded.  Also available with in cab printer


Click play to see a demonstration on changing the Beet Cart chain.